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Welcome to Tonka Nordic Racing (TNR)! TNR is the Minnetonka High School Nordic Ski program. The season typically runs from our Kick-Off in November thru the State Meet in February. We are an inclusive group of skiers of all levels training and racing in nordic skiing.


The purpose of this site is to provide skiers, families, and fans with useful information about the Tonka Nordic Ski Team. We will have information on coaching staff, practices, scheduled meets, sign-up links, summer opportunities, and more. During the ski season the most current information will always be via Coach Kern’s weekly email. If you would like to be added to the email distribution list please contact Coach Kern at sean.kern@minnetonkaschools.org.

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2021 Kickoff Information

TNR Online Registration Information


Mandatory Virtual Kickoff Meeting - Wednesday, November 11th, 6:30-8:00 pm.

Please watch this video if you were not able to attend to make sure you're ready to begin the season. Also, here's the video from Jessie Diggins with better audio quality.

Kickoff Forms for download (hover mouse over icon to see file names):

Uniform Checkout #1 - Wednesday, November 18th   

    3:00 pm Seniors

    3:30 pm Juniors

    4:00 pm Sophomores

    4:30 pm Freshman

A second uniform checkout will be scheduled on December 21 for those who miss the first date. All forms and payments must be submitted prior to receiving a uniform. Please see the kickoff video for more information.

PHOTOS:  Tonkanordic.shutterfly.com


Instagram: starstar.tnr.starstar

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