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Off-season Nordic training!

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Updates & News

NORDIC NEWS #2 from Coach Mason

By Mike Mason 12/14/2016, 11:15am CST

Greetings and salutations from the same guy that wrote that yesterday!



Lots of smiles yesterday. First day on snow is always a good time.  There were some cold fingers and toes, all in all, a good time was had by all. Some senior varsity racers stopped and watched the new kids working on some basic things. I asked them if they remembered their first time. More smiles and nodding of heads. Some reminiscing:) What a great group of kids and what a great sport!


Three Rivers Parks sent out the practice schedule for the rest of the week. Typically it comes out the Friday before. I'm impressed they got it out as quickly as they did this week.

12/14, Wed: Carver Park.  Lv Carver @ 4:30. 

12/15, Thur: Race postponed due to poor conditions at Elm Creek. Practice at Hyland Park Reserve instead 4:30-6:00. 

NOTE TIME:  Hyland has the most ski traffic of all Three River Parks. They “make” snow, trails are very well groomed and maintained. They also have lit trails. Along with other parks that  have lights, teams are scheduled in two shifts, 2:45-4:15 and 4:30-6:00.

Most kids stay on campus. Studying and/or waxing are strongly encouraged between school and ski time. Whether they do or not---:)  They should bring some healthy snacks. A lot of calories are burned nordic skiing .More so in cold weather.

12/16, Fri: On campus, Dome Workout


More snow Friday/Saturday? Bring it on!!!

Coach Mason Update #1 (skiing Tues Dec. 13!)

By Mike Mason 12/13/2016, 8:00am CST

Greetings! Observations and news from yours truly.

The first month of the Nordic season is history. How can this be? Largest group in 14 years of coaching. 100 student-athletes. Approximately half of the team is new this year. 100 kids makes for some interesting logistical challenges! 

Dryland training, an integral part of being a Nordic racer, has gone very well. Ask TNR members about Dome of Death Workouts, Purgatory Hill of Pain. A lot of impressive kids working impressively hard.

Dedication, commitment, and desire are also integral components of becoming and being a Nordic racer. I continue to be impressed with the number of kids, returnees and new, that are so willing to work so hard and actually seem to enjoy it!

Oh, did you know it snowed?  The transition from dryland training to on-snow training is interesting to say the least. Particularly when it NEEDS to happen over night. Let's see. 200 skate skis have to be made ready for snow. Wax and scrapped. Finding venues to ski at. Dozens of coaches were madly emailing 3 Rivers Parks for practice times. Assuming parks are open. Trails have to be groomed and a decision has to be made concerning usability.  Coaches weren't emailed until 1:00pm (Monday, Dec12) that parks were open, let alone how skiable some of the trails were. Oh, 100 ski passes have to picked up and disseminated. 

I do know we are skiing at Carver Park today, Tuesday, Dec 13th. HUBBA-HUBBA.  That is all I know about on snow training for the rest of the week. 3 Rivers has their hands more than full trying to honor venue requests, times, making as many coaches as they can  happy. Not always an easy task! Hoping to be on snow the rest of the week. I'll probably know later today, although it may be day to day for the rest of this week.  We may race on Thursday!! New kids aren't expected to race. However, they will have the option.

Stay tuned. 

About Us

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TONKA NORDIC RACING is a varsity team sport with individual scoring.  Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams have 14 boys and 14 girls for a total of 56 skiers.  Although we practice together, on race days boys and girls ski separately.  Lake Conference race format is freestyle (skate) one week, classic (traditional) the next week through out the season. Therefore, to compete in Varsity or JV1, skiers need to ski both disciplines. 

The JV2 squad is for new, less experienced skiers as well as student-athletes that know how to ski but are not at a JV1 level.  These skiers may ski one discipline (skate or classic).  Students will still race at every meet.

TNR is a competitive varsity nordic racing team.  All who register for Nordic are expected to compete at the appropriate level.  There is the potential for movement between the three different levels, so "Have Fun, Work Hard and Go Fast"!

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